The creations of Cristiana Perali, are the result of an extraordinary mix of creative energy mixed with skilful and measured gestures of a refined craftsman and a cultured designer.

Cristiana bases the work of designing and customizing on listening to the customer, enhancing the requests and through expert and professional advice, always proposing new solutions for an unrepeatable jewel that fully satisfies the client’s wishes.

Thanks to the wide knowledge of ancient and traditional working techniques such as lost wax, banquet, fretwork, chisel, embossing or the most innovative like CAD drawing, Cristiana chooses the most suitable one to enhance each piece of jewelery.

In every object that creates there is a perfect balance between form and weight, a careful combination of precious materials (gold, platinum, silver) with less precious materials (bronze, copper, ebony, resins). Accurate selection of the type, cut and color of the stones used: colored stones and diamonds, pearls, corals, semi-precious stones, semi-precious stones.

Passionate about the art of transforming dated jewelry no longer used to make them relive in revisited and personalized jewelry.