Rome Jewelry Week

The first edition of the Rome Jewelry Week: a great success.
Great interest and participation from all.
This event contributed to revive and shine the creativity of Rome, the Eternal City.
From one of the comments of my followers, the true meaning of this cultural event:
“Quando il lavoro è esternazione della propria anima diventa gioia da condividere”

Love me in Italy

Handicrafts in Lazio: interview with the goldsmith Cristiana Perali. In Rome the goldsmith’s art develops thanks to the Church and the aristocratic families. Even today, goldsmiths’ workshops and jewelers in Rome are numerous. We interviewed the goldsmith Cristiana Perali, very kind and very helpful, owner of an historic goldsmith laboratory in the center of Rome.

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Jewelry for research

The FiorGen – non-profit foundation passionately combines the pursuit of excellence with the fundraising necessary to support international projects involving young researchers from around the world. Cristiana Perali, pupil of the school “The Arts Orafe Jewelery School of Florence” has accepted with honor to contribute with her creation “Fiordi 2010” to the support of such a noble project. download pdf

Care of my jewels

Tips to keep my jewels over time, as if they were just purchased. As for gold and platinum, you can use specific products on the market using great caution with regard to organic materials (pearls, corals, turquoise …) and limiting the duration of immersion. Bronze and silver oxidize when in contact with sulfur, chlorine, sweat, cosmetics and aggressive chemicals, even for domestic use. To avoid oxidation as much as possible, it is advisable not to wear jewels during housework, sports and cosmetic treatments and to keep them in dry places. To clean them we recommend a soft treated cloth or the use of a specific immersion or cream product. It will be a pleasure for me to take care of my jewelry, I’ll wait for you in the shop! Alternatively, you can contact me for advice or send it to the store at any time.